Attention Sales Managers: Looking To Blow Your Sales Quotas Out Of The Water?

salesVoIP/Voice over IP, hosted, Cloud, bandwidth, PBX – these terms may sound foreign to a Sales Manager – but what if I said: talk time, call volume, star performers, coaching, reporting, campaigns, customer feedback…

Now I’m speaking your language!



The majority of existing phone systems are outdated, with limited abilities and tools, preventing you and your team from reaching your goals.


There’s a massive shift happening in the telecommunications world, and unless you’re reading a weekly “‘tech talk” blog, you won’t know much about the new technologies and features that are available to you.


When a new smartphone is released, the public gets into a frenzy trying to get their hands on the latest and greatest version, regardless of their current phone’s condition. Ironically, the same concept isn’t being applied to the business phone world, which has been slower to move on, despite it being revenue generating! That’s all about to change.


As a Sales Manager, there’s value in knowing who your star performers are and what they’re doing to succeed. Is it the number of calls they make? The length of their “talk time” ? Having this information is crucial for your business. It can help your team grow and improve, and train future hires.


These tools will help you grow and nurture your business. Research, research, research! Contact various providers and ask about the features included, mobility with on the go agents, additional charges, contracts etc. Bring it back to your IT team and get their input.


You’ll be amazed at what you could be missing and how easy it can be to switch. You’ll be left asking why you didn’t do this sooner!

Nina Lavery
YOVU Cloud Office Phone