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YOVU Office Phone – Benefiting your Business

Check out our latest video explaining the benefits of our Business Communications platform for Your Business. Book your free demo with us today to see some of the exciting features and hardware available, and learn more about how YOVU Office Phone can help keep your business connected!

The Boardroom just went Cordless!

Yealink CP930W Cordless Boardroom Phone delivers Business Freedom. Cordless feature allows for clutter free boardroom space and can move throughout the office with you. Superior Audio quality boosts noise proof technology, reducing distractions and increasing audio experience. Touch sensitive screen delivers all button functions to one easy to use location. Hybrid Meetings include parties from 5 remote […]

BlueC – Certified Integration Partner

YOVU Cloud Office Phone announced today that BlueC has become a certified integration partner. BlueC represents YOVU’s drive towards ensuring our insurance agencies and brokerages have the best VoIP integration tools to drive efficiencies in their business processes. Integrated with YOVU’s Flex API, BlueC’s blueButler application launches at the start of every phone call to […]

R.I.P. 1930-2016 Onsite Phone systems

Onsite Business Telephone Systems R.I.P. 1930-2016      Do I want to manage an email server? How about a CRM server? Or any server… No thank you. The same principles apply to onsite telephone systems:   Top 5 reasons business are tossing out the onsite telephone system and moving over to YOVU.   1- They […]

How to pick a wireless phone for your business

Its been too long since I posted here, YOVU Cloud Office Phone continues to do excellent in the market which is amazing….. the downfall it keeps us really busy making sure our deployments go smooth. In this post i wanted to share some ideas around choosing wireless phones. There are really 3 big technologies for […]

Moving Offices was so easy

We have been very busy lately our tech support and sales team recently moved offices and by the way it was so easy to move our Yovu Cloud office phone. . No Servers or hardware to move, no phone lines to move and coordinate with B%LL, no strange bix or amphenol wiring to deal with […]

Business & Trade Expo November 25th

Come and visit us at the Business & Trade Expo from Regional Enterprise and Global Trade at the Western Fair London, Ontario on November 25th 3-7pm. We will be showing off for the first time some very new technology in video conferencing and giving away one of the new Yealink T40 phone’s with 3 months […]

How to pick the right desk phone.

We get asked all the time , what desk phone(s) would you recommend?  It’s a good question and one worth writing about. I usually follow up good questions with more questions: The first thing you want to understand is your computer sharing the same cable as your desk phone? Most VOIP/SIP compatible phones have a […]