YOVU System Features

YOVU makes it easier and more affordable for your business to communicate. More than just a business phone system, YOVU is an award-winning IP PBX that delivers powerful Unified Communications tools, mobility applications, and robust calling features. Even better, all features are included for one, low price.

Calling Features

  • Call Block: Block inbound calls by the caller id.
  • Call Detail Records: various reporting capabilities to see who called, when, call length, export to a csv file, and call detail statistics.
  • Call Forward: Forward to another extension or to any phone number.
  • Call Flows: Typically used with day night mode. To direct calls between two destinations.
  • Call Monitoring: view which extensions are currently in a call.
  • Call Pickup: for a particular extension or any extension that is currently ringing.
  • Call Queuing: can load calls into queues so they can be answered in the order they came into the queue. (see Queues) *
  • Call Recordings: to record all or some calls or parts of the call. *
  • Call routing: send the call different directions or perform actions based on reading the caller id info or other call information.
  • Call Transfer: Announced Transfer & * Blind Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID: Outbound: Push customized name out when calling customers. Inbound: Fully support caller Identification for your inbound calls