Freedom From The Office

There’s nothing worse than heading into work first thing Monday morning. It’s bad enough that your weekend of freedom is over, but now you have to get up extra early to battle the morning traffic, all so you can sit in your office or cubicle. Well, what if you didn’t have to? A lot of freelance jobs seem appealing because of their flexibility when it comes to the workspace, but with the latest technology, you don’t have to be a freelancer to work from home. You can still use your office as a base and simply access all your information remotely instead.


How realistic is remote access?

Remote access isn’t really a far stretch when it comes down to word documents and spreadsheets. Most companies utilize cloud storage now, so most documents can be accessed from your home computer (or your portable business laptop) with a simple login. But what about those all-important conference calls and business calls? Don’t worry; you don’t have to miss the calls to work from the comfort of your couch (or patio) for the day. With VoIP, you can have calls quickly and automatically transferred to your home phone or your business or personal cell phone. You could even sit in on an important conference call while out on the golf course if you wanted—just remember to keep the background noise at a low.


Why choose VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, isn’t the first to offer call transferring, but the technology it uses to offer call transferring (and an impressive amount of other features) has broken records when it comes to efficiency and utility. VoIP can be automatically programmed so the client or business partner who is calling you won’t notice a difference or delay in the exchange. You can program VoIP to automatically ring to multiple phones at the same time so you can pick up the one that is the most convenient for you. You can also program it to ring to your phones in a specific order, and you can use it to offer your caller a voice menu so they can decide where they want to try to reach you, or if they would rather leave a voice mail instead. You can also transfer calls, for instance to a co-worker, and check your voicemail—all from a remote location.


The real benefit? Cost.

VoIP, as its name precludes, operates using the internet, often through cloud technology, and that not only enhances security, call quality, and availability of features, but it also enables you to make long distance calls, conference calls, and to pick up calls to your office line from a remote location without having to go through the phone companies to do it—and that means big savings. Not only can this technology boost efficiency and productivity by allowing you to be available to take business calls at any time and from anywhere (even when traveling for business or on vacation), but it will also boost your profit margins by costing you less to do so.