How to pick a wireless phone for your business

Its been too long since I posted here, YOVU Cloud Office Phone continues to do excellent in the market which is amazing….. the downfall it keeps us really busy making sure our deployments go smooth.

In this post i wanted to share some ideas around choosing wireless phones.

There are really 3 big technologies for wireless:

  1. DECT : the Digital signalling standard in most of the world. Benefit: Works out of the box simplicity, Plug and Play with Base Station and phone very reliable solution, can record calls, transfer have all YOVU functionality for inbound and outbound.  Disadvantage: Limited Range and extending the range requires repeaters($$), cabling($$).
  2. WIFI: Everyone knows what WIFI is, there are wifi cordless phones and phone Apps that run on your Smart Phone (iphone, Android and some Blackberry’s) Benefit: Everyone has wifi and a smart phone, the Apps are cheap and sometimes free. The Apps can also leverage your LTE DATA plan on your smartphone which allow you to leave your office, plus all the YOVU features, call recording, transfer, conference, call statistics etc. Disadvantage: Not all wifi is created equal, wifi networks are congested with computers, fridges, thermostats and everything else will soon be connecting. Also if you have a large business you will need to roam between wifi access points, if not setup properly calls can drop when jumping between access points. And let’s not forget about the battery on your smartphone… no explanation required.
  3. Cell Phone/Smart phone :  Benefit: Nothing to install, have YOVU Cloud Office extension ring cell phone and desk phone at same time, extremely reliable and works everywhere.  Plus you can still transfer calls back to your desk phone, record calls, just like your on a desk phone. Disadvantage: When making outbound calls you use your cellular provider and bypass YOVU Cloud , meaning no call recording, no call statistics, no office caller ID (it will show your cell number).


In a nutshell selecting the right wireless technology depends on the business environment and sometimes its a combination of technologies that win. We will help work with you on the right solution plus we have free trials of all the above technology so you can test it and see for yourself what works best for your situation. Email us at to start your trial.

Thanks for reading.