How to Train Your Team to Best Use Your VoIP System

How to Train Your Team to Best Use Your VoIP System


Making the switch to a top-notch VoIP system is a great move! Once it’s up and running, you’ll want to make sure your team knows how to take advantage of all the best features. The good news is, VoIP systems are extremely intuitive and user-friendly. This means that with a bit of training, your entire staff should feel comfortable with the new system in no time. The following tips will help make training a breeze.

1. Start with a Formal Introduction

Your team will adapt to the new VoIP System faster if they feel like they’re included in the process. This is one of the primary reasons why a formal introduction is so important. Consider sending out a company-wide email or, even better, scheduling a conference call or meeting. During the introduction, explain the core features and benefits of the system. Also, reassure your team that you’re committed to giving them the training they need to transition with ease.

2. Cover the Most Important Features

During your training sessions, it’s important to thoroughly explain all of the important features your team is going to regularly use. At a minimum, make sure you cover the following topics.

Standard Calling Features

At its core, any phone system is in place to send and receive calls, so it’s critical that you cover these basic features first. While it might seem like this needs no explanation, there are some things your team might need to know. For example, some systems require you to dial a code to get an outside line. Team members will also need to know how to connect with other internal team members.

Conference Calling

Your new VoIP system will allow you to make three-way calls and larger conference calls. This is very convenient, but can also lead to embarrassment if team members aren’t sure how to set them up. Make sure they understand the basics and more advanced features, like how to set up calls with security passwords.

Call Handling

The simplicity of transferring calls is one of the biggest benefits of a VoIP system.  Before launching, make sure everyone understands the different types of transfers available and how to do them correctly. If necessary, create “cheat cards” for your employees to keep by their phones. This will help them feel more confident during the transition.

Voicemail Setup and Management

Before you launch your new system, make sure each employee has their voicemail set up properly. Help them record a professional outgoing message and ensure they know how to retrieve, save, archive, and delete their incoming messages.

3. Designate Key VoIP System Trainers

While smaller organizations might do fine with one primary trainer, larger companies will ideally want to designate a key trainer in each department. This person should be well-versed in all of the relevant VoIP system features and understand how to troubleshoot any potential issues.

4. Choose a Responsive Provider

While it’s great to have staff members who are knowledgeable about the system, ultimately, you’ll want to fall back on your provider if anything comes up. Make sure the company you’re considering is customer-service-oriented and committed to being available when you need them.

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