YOVU Cloud Office Phone FAQs

Here we try and answer the most common questions.
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YOVU isn’t just a cool Web 3.0 name, it stands for YOur Voice Unified!  YOVU Cloud Office Phone is a Cloud PBX phone service that connects over the Internet to customers across Canada and the US. It allows a business to get all of the features of a very expensive PBX, or phone system without the upfront cost or hassle of managing and maintaining a phone system and phone lines. YOVU Cloud Office Phone provides Enterprise grade features, such as call recording, multi-office integration, CRM integration and more.

There are many benefits to using YOVU, some of them include:

Reliability and Security. YOVU Cloud Office Phone service is geographically redundant across several secure data centers in Canada, with backup Internet connectivity and power, protecting our services against outages. Since the system is not hosted at your location, we are part of your disaster recovery/business continuity plan! Calls can be encrypted for increased security, and routed to cell phones or other offices if you lose your local internet.

Better Value. Enjoy all the features and functionality of a enterprise grade phone system without the headache of maintaining a server, or calling a “phone guy” every time a change is required.

No More Analogue Lines. Never pay $60 for a single phone line ever again, or wait on hold to speak to a big phone company! YOVU Cloud Office Phone includes 2 lines per extension, and our support team answers 99% of support calls within 3 rings!

No More Long Distance Fees*. We offer rates for international calls at low rate!

Flexibility and Easy Expansion. With YOVU, never worry about outgrowing the system or adding a user. Simply log into the most user friendly portal and click “add user”. Simple, easy and fast!

*except the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

YOVU requires High Speed Internet. If you’re a larger business with several active users, we may recommend a dedicated Internet connection,  such as Fiber or a private MPLS connection to one of our Data Center facilities. For small businesses, sharing your existing high speed connection is perfectly fine, and is the most common setup for our customers. With each new customer, we run network tests to verify that your Internet connection is suitable for our VoIP service. If for some reason your connection is not sufficient, we can recommend new Internet options to help you move forward. Our sales team will help you navigate through all your options. Also our 30 day guarantee will give you peace of mind to try us out.

If your Internet connection goes down you won’t be able to use your YOVU desk phone, but don’t panic! All inbound calls will still hear your automated voice menu and your voicemail. On top of that, if your cell phone is integrated, calls will continue to ring to your cell phone. During an Internet outage, you can easily log into the web portal and change the destination of your calls to your cell phone. If the Internet outage is extensive, you can take your desk phone to another location and plug it in- it works anywhere! Some of our customers have a backup wireless connection to avoid interruption of service as well.

Yes! We offer a web portal to send and receive your faxes. It’s simple and easy to use. Alternatively, we can provide an analogue ATA adapter which allows your fax machine to connect to our FoIP network.

For mission critical fax machines, sometimes we recommend you keep a traditional fax line for that purpose; the same line may also be used for an alarm system, if you have one at your place of business. We offer test trials!

YOVU Cloud Office Phone will continue to greet callers with your automated voice menu and voicemail, as well as route calls to your cell phone and our mobile apps. Your desk phone will not work until power is restored, unless you plug your desk phone elsewhere with power.

Absolutely! Your desk phone will work anywhere in world, you just need High Speed Internet. Don’t forget to update your 911 address with us if you move locations for an extended period. If your expanding into a new city, we can even provide you with local number to give you that local presence.

Depending on the type of desk phone you have, we may be able to re-use it. We can re-use most newer: Polycom, Cisco, Aastra, Snom, Yealink, Mitel and Grandstream phones. If it is a non VoIP phone, we can use a VoIP ATA adapter. We are sometimes able to offer trade ins for ShoreTel, Cisco, Mitel and other newer systems.

Our desk phones require Ethernet, also known as CAT5e or Cat6 cabling connection. We can provide a quote on the cabling if need. We also offer a variety of cordless phones if you don’t have cabling to your desk, check out http://dev.yovu.ca/voip-phones/.

Note: for large manufacturing plants and big box stores with long cable runs: if you’re a manufacturing plant, and your cabling locations are very difficult, too costly or outside the 300ft length limit of Ethernet, we can provide a Phybridge router that uses your existing CAT3 cable up to 1200ft and converts it to 10 mbps Ethernet.

We will do our best to find you the 1-800 number of your choice.


Voice over IP (VoIP) refers to the provisioning of voice service over the public Internet.

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or in simple terms phone service over the Internet. This technology has revolutionized the telecom industry and benefited consumers in many ways. The biggest benefits include lower telecom costs and improving features, flexibility and reliability.

All you need to run VOIP is a broadband internet connection and a VOIP-enabled phone, lots of models to choose from. Some users place firewalls or other devices between the broadband Internet connection and the phone, but these are not normally required.

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