The Rising Adoption Of Cloud-Based Business Phones

The next evolution in business phone systems is “the Cloud”.  The trend is now well under way and as a result, businesses are becoming comfortable with the idea of leveraging hosted services in an increasing number of ways. Varying from web sites, applications, and data storage; but what about business phone systems?

In Toronto, as well as the rest of Ontario, internet speed and reliability have finally caught up and reached a point where hosted phone systems can be trusted to run a business, call center or to connect a team of mobile workers.  But how do you know when it’s time to consider making the move from aging technology to Cloud communications? The purpose of this article is to address three of the big factors in making that decision.

3 Reasons To Consider Cloud Business Phones

1. Your Business Is Growing And Your Technology Needs To Keep Up

You may have new staff members joining the team, and more phones are required, or locations are being added, offices are moving, and staff are working away from the office. This is the ideal time to review your businesses technology and determine if it’s up to the task. Hosted business phone systems make it quicker and easier than it has ever been before to add and remove user extensions as changes happen. When multiple office locations are involved, the traditional phone systems in the marketplace are very challenging and often costly to integrate between multiple locations. Cloud based phone systems in contrast, allow for plug and play. This allow for phones to be moved from one location to the new or added to remote sites across wide geographic locations, often without any need for investment in IT infrastructure.

2. Your Equipment Is Reaching Obsolescence, Failing, Or On The Verge Of Breaking Down Completely

Does your business phone system need a hardware or software upgrade? Has the maintenance agreement expired, or the manufacturer declared the product’s end-of-life and ceased to provide support?  Have you reached the limit for maximum phones or phone lines?  If you answered “yes” to any of these, investing in a cloud business phone solution may provide better value than sinking even more money into out-dated legacy technology. If you look at your business goals and future growth, consider the flexibility that hosted phone platforms provide, and see if it makes sense for your situation.

3. You Need Feature Enhancements To Improve Productivity

Today’s hosted phone solutions have been pushing the bar forward on features and functionality. Far beyond what premise-based systems could ever offer, and at a far lesser cost. Unless you have recently upgraded platforms, the chances are good, that features are limited.  Typically this means only basic telephony capabilities are included, a dependence on traditional carriers, limitations on the number of simultaneous call’s in and out, no disaster recovery and minimal potential for integration with other systems such as desktop computers, conferencing, instant messaging and CRM’s (Client Record Management).  In other words, no further progress or improvements in productivity are possible, it’s only with the next evolution in business phone solutions that you can help overcome these sticking points.

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of upgrading to Cloud communications comes from freeing up IT and administrative staff’s energy to focus on other activities. Even companies that are heavily involved in technology, often don’t necessarily have the specialized skill-set to plan, deploy and maintain intricate PBX solutions.  Instead, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on the primary aspects of your business.

Author Bio

Kerry Forbes is a technician and phone system specialist with YOVU Cloud Office Phone, based in London Ontario.  Working with business phone solutions since 2011, he specializes in planning, programming, installation, and management of hosted business phone systems. For more information on how upgrading to YOVU can help your business, please visit