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Making it easier and more affordable for your business to communicate with the most up-to-date Commercial Phone Systems features. More than just a small business phone system, YOVU is a robust business VoIP communication platform delivering powerful Unified Communications tools, mobile applications, and extensive calling features for Commercial Phone Systems. We are the leading VoIP phone system solution for Canadian businesses.

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We continue to update our Standard and Advanced VoIP Phone Features and we don't want you to miss out on the latest, so we're keeping it right here!

Future Ready. Always Upgrading.

Twice a year, we do major system updates and upgrades based on direct needs and feedback from our clients.
The sky (or clouds!) are the limit! If there are office phone features you need to better run you business and don't see them on our roster, let us know and we will get it on the wish list for our developers!

Speech to Text Feature

Granular management with groups of users in a single site inside a domain. Larger organizations experience more flexibility with Site tags for users, call queues, conference bridge, AA and other resources like phone numbers and MAC addresses. Site Manager will allow access similar to an office manager within the site resources.

Secure account access using a time-based one-time password (TOTP). Use Google Authenticator to generate code securely on user devices. Enable secure access to protect against fraudulent access from compromised credentials.

Updates to operating system support to those with new hardware and overall improvements to speed and security. Mandated installations and overall speed improvements up to 50%. Performance and stability work threads continue to grow capacity through increased capacity and support.

Reworked Organization Panel to modernize and improve the contact panel in the portal. Additional support for recent messages and easier access to launch collaboration tools.

Chat to a group of users within a domain. Rename the group and keep/return for later continued communication. Send multimedia, text and launch collaborative sessions with invitations.

Add Multiple Agents at one time to Agent Phone entry points.

On-demand text to speech integration direct to the portal. Streamline user/feature management with multiple language and voice options.
Mid-call speech detection for auto attendants and company directory automations. Keyword mapping with multiple versions to meet caller needs and expectations.

The authorization system requires users to provide two or more distinct identification factors in order to securely gain access to the online platform.

Advanced additional improvements to security with manifested access allowances. Improved speed and data flow for uninterrupted connectivity and call start up times by up to 75%.

Packet route tracing:
SHAKEN: Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs.
STIR: Secure Telephone Identity Revisited

Text from within the portal, Mobile Web App or Mobile iOS/Android. Message images, audio and video up to 5mb and store on the portal.

A Truly Canadian Business Phone Solution

We offer numerous calling and routing VoIP phone features for Commercial Phone Systems to help ensure your organization's communication is seamless, reliable, and custom to your needs. Founded and Operated in Canada, we are your trusted partner for Commercial Phone Systems. Always here for you!

Designate and direct incoming calls to individuals and departments with the customizable auto-attendant. Ensure calls reach the desired department the first time. Change and add directory options, update greetings and route as needed to suit changes in your business.

Include toll-free numbers for your local area code and all cities and countries suited for your business operations. List multiple company numbers and assign toll-free numbers directly to users within your account.

Host up to 10 attendants in any conference call with secure lines and password entry codes. Update access during the call for entrance and security plus record the session at any time during the conference.

Customize greetings at both a user level and organizational level to ensure callers receive relevant information both during and after business hours.

Set Distribution and ring rules to ensure calls are routed correctly by individual and department. Establish custom ring sequences for users to ensure calls are never missed.

Assign individual user extensions and personalize multi-digit extension numbers. Reach colleagues over multiple locations with one system.

* Assign local phone numbers to multiple locations and ditch long distance fees in Canada (10) and the USA (48). Serve your customers where they are while controlling your costs.

Keep spam and bot callers out of your business and keep your lines free for your customers. Focus on conversations that matter and trust that incoming calls are genuine.

Customize voicemail greetings and keep them personal at a user level. Receive voicemail messages directly to your inbox as a transcription as well as a playable message.

Customize your call waiting & holding music simply by using our default music or uploading your own MP3 files.

Detailed reports displaying information such as queue, agent and DNIS statistics, caller details and system waiting times. We give admins and supervisors access to full system reporting to give a full 360° overview of your organization.

Allow your users to have their own individual caller ID information or set your company name as the default for outbound calls.

Access colleague extension/number information quickly and dial with one click. Access information on your mobile, desktop dialer and desk phone.

Allow inbound callers to direct their call to users based on their assigned user name.

Schedule reports automatically and remain up to date with daily records and call analytics. Customize reports to receive the most relevant information directly to email.

Assign direct numbers and extensions to all employees within your organization. Add a line at any time as your business needs change and grow.

Customize your desk phone button options to match your most frequent extensions, button options and settings.


VoIP Phone Features that enhance communication for your business

  • Make and receive calls from your mobile device with your contacts synced from your desk or corporate directory

  • Access Instant and SMS and send and receive messages via your business number to customers and colleagues

  • Multi-ring your mobile device with your desk phone or web dialer so you never miss a call


*Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from iOS11.3 or 5.0 and up

VOIP Phone Features

Call Control

With YOVU's VoIP business phone features, you can expect a quick, seamless setup, easy deployment and the ability to customize and manage users with ease.

Customize your ring timeout, do not disturb (DND), call screening and call forwarding to ensure that you are notified of calls when it matters most.

Access your phone system on your desktop or laptop devices and utilize your phone with a popup dialer from your Chrome browser.

Forward inbound calls to other numbers such as your mobile phone to ensure you never miss a call.

Screen inbound calls and know who’s on the other end. System screening will ask and announce the name of the caller before you answer.

Toggle call recording as an optional feature to record all inbound and outbound calls.

Allow multiple phones or users to receive calls from the same number. This is perfect for departments, meeting rooms or groups.

Detect the availability of users in your business by seeing when they're receiving a call, actively online or not available.

Allow another user or assistant to take calls and route through to other users in your organization with ease. Customize their ability to route calls through the directory and manage call volumes at any point.

Click phone links online and call using your business number from your desktop or mobile directly.

Intercom allows for hands-free peer-to-peer conversations between users on desk phones and your desktop. Calls placed with intercom notifies the user of the incoming Intercom call, then the user's phone automatically answers in speakerphone mode.

Begin a call on your desktop and move to your mobile device or desk phone without leaving your call.

Communicate call information with another user before transferring to ensure accurate handling of the call is maintained and customer needs are met.

Receive instant notification of missed calls including caller details, and keep data stored in the call history log.

Keep unused numbers or extensions and reserve for when you need them. This is perfect for using phone numbers in ads, seasonal support or for changing users.

Messaging & Conferencing

Easy productivity tools to address challenges that businesses of all kinds may find. We remove the barriers that many organizations have with our competitors and older-systems to ensure that our solution fits your needs.

Access your phone system on your mobile device easily by downloading the SNAP Mobile app. Have your contact details and directory on your mobile and use smart integrations like Siri and speech-to-text SMS options built-in.

Send messages from your business number(s) to other users, customers, vendors and partners and keep your personal number private.

Full phone functionality direct from your desktop to make and receive calls, access company directories, voicemails and the portal.

Call Centre & Productivity

Lead your team with confidence using advanced tools built to encourage team building, employee growth and management success goals.

Understand your call details, volume and team bandwidth easily with customizable dashboards and reporting. Admins and supervisors can view agent logs and company details live and assign details to better support inbound calls.

As an admin or supervisor, listen to calls without the parties being aware, speak to an agent without the customer knowing and join a call at any point; creating a three-way call.

Automatically assign calls based on agent ability and availability.

Detailed and customizable reporting to ensure that admins and supervisors have a 360° overview of agent activity, call details and queue times among other details.

Have your reports automatically emailed to you and your colleagues to ensure easy administration and management of the system. You don’t have to log in to understand what your agents are doing and what customers are calling for.

Give each agent, supervisor and admin access to an online portal to access their business number, extension and user details.

Callers Waiting; Average Wait Time; Average Handling Time; Abandon Rate; Calls Answered; Call Volume

Callers Waiting; Average Wait Time; Average Handling Time; Abandon Rate; Calls Answered; Call Volume

Agent Status; Wrap Up Time; Max Simultaneous Calls; Queue Priority for Agent; Request Confirmation; Auto-Answer

Queue calls to ensure that agents are given ample time to answer active inbound calls. Automatically put calls on hold until agents can take the call.

Allow callers to request callbacks from agents instead of waiting on hold while remaining in the call queue.

Call Recording
Message to Agent
Require Agents
Require Music on Hold(MOH)
Logout Agent on Missed Call
Into Greetings

Max Expected Wait Time; Max Queue Length; Queue Ring Timeout; Agent Ring Timeout

Allows queues to accept SMS messages where call center agents will handle the text conversation.
Additionally, you can access SMS queuing Statistics to better understand SMS usage.

Reliability & Security

Automatic data backup and redundancy built into our platform is something that we take pride in. YOVU provides businesses with the best cloud-based phone system, offering reliable communication solutions for businesses. Our secure and encrypted calls ensure that your communications are protected and your business operations run smoothly.

YOVU’s platform is hosted in Geo-Redundant Canadian data centers to ensure the most reliable, secure and scalable cloud-based solution designed for any call volume.

Our encrypted and dual-redundant servers are located in various locations in Canada, ensuring that we retain 99.99% SLA upkeep.

We are equipped with enriched protocols allowing for customized security needs based on your needs (developed and ensured on a client by client basis).

Logs and historical data is regularly backed up to ensure you can access it when you need it most. Long term storage is provided to our customers using AWS S3.

3rd Party security audits ensure we are following industry best practices.


In addition to our VoIP office phone systems, we also offer a number of synced, custom integrations built to help support your business, and make your YOVU account more powerful.

VOIP Phone Features & Mobile Business Solutions
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction with the ability to communicate from all your active devices. Work from anywhere with a phone system prepared to follow you and operate from your desk phone, webphone and on mobile.

Contact Synchronization

Your company directory is accessible on all of your devices and synced via our servers to allow you to access contact details where you need it.

One-Click Setup

Activate an integration quickly from within your portal or have our system engineers support you with easily accessible tech support. Manage users by provisioning their settings in your admin portal.

Custom API

Our development team will work with your developers to build deeper integration into your CRM.

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