YOVU Mobile Business Solutions
Siri Integration

Use your iPhone's personal assistant to make, respond and coordinate calls through SNAP Mobile.

Instant Text/SMS Messaging

Send messages from your business number to contacts and colleagues without sharing your personal number.

Shared Contacts

Access your business contacts and your mobile contacts via SmartSync. You don't have to add your contacts on your other devices, they automatically sync.

Have Questions? Look Here.

We know you might have questions about YOVU for Mobile. Our team is standing by if you need anything, but here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about our mobile business solutions.

You can download the SNAPMobile app on any iOS or Android supported devices directly from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store. Devices that don't include or have access to these, unfortunately, won't be able to access the mobile app. However, you can set up an automatic forward or dual-ring with any mobile number so calls can be answered via your mobile device without the app.

Yes! Access to the mobile app is a standard feature and is, by default, added to your organization's profile. Your administrator may decide to turn this feature off, but out-of-the-box we give you access to the app for no additional costs.

Yes. The app relies on wifi or data to access our servers to get information from your account, share contacts, etc. Calling from the app relies on your phone's already existing SIM card and network.

First, try contacting your company's IT or office admin as they most likely have full administrator access to your organization's YOVU Portal Manager (YPM). In some instances, managers or portal admins will toggle settings off that may cause a service outage or disconnection of the YOVU for mobile offerings via SNAPmobile. If you are an administrator who is experiencing issues with the YOVU for mobile apps, please contact support@yovu.ca or your account executive to see if there is a technical error for your account.

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