Business Phone Integrations

Stay connected with confidence in our solution for your business Business Phone Integrations. Keep your business reachable, scalable and seamlessly secure with our future-ready communications platform.

Get a Business Phone Demo of our Cloud Phone System. See how we can work with you to build a plan that meets your needs and your budget. Tell us a little about yourself to get a full personal business phone product demo from our business specialists. We can’t wait to show you our powerful, yet, user-friendly Business Phone Integrations! Schedule your business phone demo today. Business VoIP Phone Systems make everything you need to get work done and connect with your customers faster, and easier.

Here, we provide a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers backed. Hence, we achieve that through friendly and knowledgeable customer support specialists. As a comprehensive Business VoIP phone system, and accessible whenever and wherever you need us. Our company would like to share some reasons why we are different from others. We also want to share why that should matter to you and your business.

First, we know what it takes to fulfill the needs of business communications and ensure our clients are taken care of. Secondly, Yovu also knows how frustrating it can be to wait for service when things aren’t running so smoothly. Waiting in queue, for callbacks and technician wait times can be infuriating. If you have ever waited endlessly on hold or have been bounced around from one ‘specialist’ to another, you know what we mean!

CRM Integrations for VoIP Business Phones.

VoIP Business Phones with Integrated Communications.

SalesforceMIcrosoft TeamsMobile App

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Streamline your business workflow and get more done. From Anywhere.

VOIP Phone Features
Next-Level Office Phone System Integration

YOVU for Mobile

  • Make and receive calls from your mobile device with your contacts synced from your desk or corporate directory

  • Access Instant and SMS and send and receive messages via your business number to customers and colleagues

  • Activate incoming calls to your deskphone to simultaneously ring on your web phone and mobile ensuring you never miss a call

Access Voicemail Anywhere

Access your voicemail securely on your mobile device through the SNAPMobile app. Access your business VoIP voicemail securely from your mobile device and view and listen to transcriptions direct to your email inbox.

View Call Records Instantly

View previous calls, contacts and transcripts instantly via the history feed integrated within the app. You can redial calls via your business number in a flash and catch up with clients or colleagues quickly.

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CRM & Business Phone Integrations

YOVU + Salesforce

Skyrocket sales and productivity with a complete Salesforce and business phone system integration. Full connection and account access to ensure pristine customer experiences and improve productivity throughout your organization. Office phone systems don't get better than this!

Screen Pop

See inbound calls associated to an account when a customer rings or when you answer their call.


Make outbound calls quickly from within Salesforce with click-to-call direct from any account.

Call Control

Transfer, hold, end and switch calls from within Salesforce.

Call Recording

Initiate and cancel call recordings during a live call. Listen to previously recorded calls stored directly in the account.

Rich Call Analytics

Instantly access call details, history and analytics to understand your teams, departments and employees quickly.

Activity Logging

Report and log call activities from within Salesforce and within an active call. Understand each conversation, regardless if you were on the line and give your managers a greater understanding of performance.

More About YOVU's Salesforce Phone Integration

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YOVU VoIP Phone System Integration & VoIP Security
Microsoft Teams Integration

YOVU + Microsoft Teams

Enabled Microsoft 365 customers who utilize Microsoft Teams can now utilize our direct phone system integration. We give you the ability to leverage your YOVU account within Microsoft Teams by connecting click-to-call, contact directory information and more within your Microsoft 365 account.

Calling with Microsoft Teams

Contact your colleagues and customers within Microsoft Teams easily with access to your company directory and a native dialer built into your Microsoft Teams account.

View Status

See your colleague's availability within Microsoft Teams instantly with a 'busy' or 'available' indicator placed on their profile. If they're on the line with another person, you can see to reach them when they are able to chat.

Secure Calling on YOVU's Trusted Platform

Calling via Microsoft Teams using YOVU Teams Connector leverages our hosted PBX voice platform. This ensures both a secure line and a higher quality call than a standard phone network. Your calls are protected through redundant 100% Canadian servers.

Read more about the YOVU Teams Connector

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Our Amazing Customers

Integrations Make Them More Productive

We built our business phone integrations by the request of our loyal customers, and are continuing to add new integration partners to our ecosystem as their needs change. Experience the #1 business VoIP phone in Canada!

James Holland

Its been more than a year now and our system with YOVU has been flawless. While we are a relatively small operation we are spread all over the country. YOVU has brought us together seamlessly. Customer support is awesome, particularly when dealing with the odd troglodyte (myself). Kudos again this year.

Danielle Vine

We have been completely satisfied with the phone system and the service provided has been stellar! I would recommend this system and service 100%.

Scott Perkin

YOVU has been an incredibly useful tool for our business since we switched over from a Bell landline. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the service, the options available and the tech support. I recommend it to everyone I do business with!

Jackie Morley

The Team at YOVU is phenomenal. They are right there at your fingertips to assist with any matter whether it be an emergency, broken phone or technical question. Their quick to respond service is an added relief when help is needed. Keep up the great work YOVU!

Integrations Make Things Better

YOVU proudly provides a scalable VoIP phone system for small businesses. We know your business is complex and requires nimble solutions, especially with your communication tools. To meet our customer's growing and changing needs we're always adding new integration partners to our ecosystem. Experience the most robust business VoIP in Canada!

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