Salesforce Phone Integration

Stay connected with confidence with our Salesforce Phone Integration. Keep your business reachable, scalable and seamlessly secure with our future-ready communications platform.

Get a Business Phone Demo of our Salesforce Phone Integration. See how we can work with you to build a plan that meets your needs and your budget. Tell us a little about yourself to get a full personal business phone product demo from our business specialists. We can’t wait to show you our powerful, yet, user-friendly business phone system! Schedule your business phone demo today. Business VoIP Phone Systems make everything you need to get work done and connect with your customers faster, and easier.

Here, we provide a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers backed. Hence, we achieve that through friendly and knowledgeable customer support specialists. As a comprehensive Business VoIP phone system, and accessible whenever and wherever you need us. Our company would like to share some reasons why we are different from others. We also want to share why that should matter to you and your business.

First, we know what it takes to fulfill the needs of business communications and ensure our clients are taken care of. Secondly, Yovu also knows how frustrating it can be to wait for service when things aren’t running so smoothly. Waiting in queue, for callbacks and technician wait times can be infuriating. If you have ever waited endlessly on hold or have been bounced around from one ‘specialist’ to another, you know what we mean!

YOVU's CTI Dialer

Salesforce Phone Integration

Leverage the telephony capabilities of Salesforce
with our powerful Business VoIP Phone System.

Screen Pop Accounts

Auto Logging of Calls

Click to Call

Record & Playback Calls inside object

Call Analytics and more...

Microsoft Teams Integration

Streamline your business workflow and get more done with YOVU's Salesforce Phone Integration.

Skyrocket sales and productivity and reporting with complete Salesforce integration built right into our VoIP phone service. Our turn-key solution to power your CRM.

Using YOVU's Salesforce Phone Integration, you will connect with your clients with instant access to their accounts, call logs and robust reporting.

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YOVU + Salesforce Phone Integration

Complete Customer Connection

The YOVU CTI Dialer is the ultimate in Salesforce phone integrations. Working with customers is more personal, increases productivity and allows real-time results.

CTI Salesforce Integration

Maximize your VoIP for business investment with YOVU's Salesforce Phone Integration.

Know who's calling with access to their account before answering a call, log account activities live and remain in account following the call.

Activate call recording and see any activities associate with the call all from one interface. Plus, click to call from account and never skip a beat!

Live Updates

Stop waiting for status updates on phone calls for days from sales and support team members.

Improve Accuracy

Increase productivity and gain more visibility within your organization with improved metrics and reliable accuracy.

Stay Current

Communicate with customers and leads with the confidence that you have the most relevant and recent data on their account.

Click to Call & Screen Pop

  • Screen Pop

    Inbound Calls associated with an account will show you who's calling with access to all the details on their account. Customize this notification to activate on ring or on answer.

  • Click to Call

    Make calls directly from a client's account on a single click, remaining embedded in one tool. Save time by capturing the results of these calls instantly in their account.

Call Recording & Call Control

  • Call Recording

    Listen to previously recorded calls directly from the account. Give sales and customer service managers insights through easily accessible call playback directly within Salesforce.

  • Call Control

    All the power in one tool. Transfer, hold, end and switch to a second call all from within Salesforce.

Improve Accuracy and Eliminate Manual Processes

  • Activity Log

    Review complete call history, reports and enter new data from within an active call. Stay in the account when the call is finished to complete logs on the spot. Log calls in any Object within focus logging. This unique integration allows admin, customer service and team members the ability to leverage the time-saving feature.

  • Call Analytics

    From within Salesforce, you have instant access to all call details, history and recordings. Customize the experience to suit your unique business requirements by leveraging dashboards and reports. Understand who is achieving the most calls on your team. Engage in gamification for increased activity to help propel productivity.

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YOVU CTI - Salesforce Integration

How it Works

Any New or existing YOVU client with Salesforce Lightning account will automatically have access to our Salesforce phone integration.

Customized profiles and softphones can be tailored to the specific needs and role of the user. Configure and update search fields directly from your dashboard.

Accurate Records

Achieve detailed call records to ensure all users within the organization have the most recent data on sales opportunities.

Real Data

Eliminate manual processes and capture raw data that leads to better business and operation decisions.

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