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Dedicate Support - YOVU Difference
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Dedicated support starts with service. We're all about providing a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers. We're ready and willing to back it up with our knowledgeable customer support specialists.

  • Stop waiting endlessly on hold

  • Support calls are answered in seconds not minutes

  • Our Clients stay because we show them we care

Our Pillars

Reliable Service and Dedicated Support

We like to think of ourselves as part tech geeks, part small business experts for our clients and try our best to know each of them by name, rather than a customer number. Premium Dedicated Support and Reliable service means we are always striving to improve our platform and the user experience.
Reliable Service

Focusing on our customers within every touchpoint and building products for their benefit is incredibly important to our team dynamic and culture.

Dedicated Support

Protect your callers, data and communications with the advanced VoIP security at the heart of our platform to ensure information is protected against fraud and abuse.

Hear it from the Pros

Matt Smith, Napa AutoPro
Premium Dedicated Support

The Customer First Support Model

We were once part of the “Big Guys” in the telecom industry. We watched as customers were left on hold, disappointed or left with questions unanswered.

Deciding to build a phone company based on the pillars of dedicated support and reliable service meant knowing what it takes to fulfill the needs of our clients.

We know how important it is to ensure our clients are taken care of. We also know how frustrating it can be to wait for service when things aren’t running so smoothly. Waiting in queue, for call backs and technician wait times can be infuriating.

If you have ever waiting on hold or have been bounced around from one ‘specialist’ to another, you know what we mean!

We continue to prove that you really can have both service AND support.

Dedicate Support - VoIP Phone Service
YOVU Office Phone System

Supporting our Customers

We're all about providing a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers backed by friendly and knowledgable customer support specialists. We're a plug-and-play VoIP business phone system, accessible where you need us.

Ready when you are - from setup and training to ongoing dedicated support when you need us. We keep you connected when it matters most to your business.


Truly Canadian offering - we are proudly founded, owned and operated in Canada. All support teams and data centres are located across Canada.


Future proof Services - We develop and support regular systems updates filled with new standard features and coupled with unparalleled client support.


Actual Calls


Mobile Access


End Users


Support Callers

What Customers Say About YOVU

We have a 5-star rating on Google and are constantly having new customers tell us how much they enjoy our products and the service we give them. See what some of our customers are saying online.

Jackie Morley

The Team at YOVU is phenomenal. They are right there at your fingertips to assist with any matter whether it be an emergency, broken phone or technical question. Their quick to respond service is an added relief when help is needed. Keep up the great work YOVU!

Danielle Vine

We have been completely satisfied with the phone system and the service provided has been stellar! I would recommend this system and service 100%.

Scott Perkin

YOVU has been an incredibly useful tool for our business since we switched over from a Bell landline. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the service, the options available and the tech support. I recommend it to everyone I do business with!

James Holland

Its been more than a year now and our system with YOVU has been flawless. While we are a relatively small operation we are spread all over the country. YOVU has brought us together seamlessly. Customer support is awesome, particularly when dealing with the odd troglodyte (myself). Kudos again this year.

Justin Barfett

YOVU has been great for us. The tech support is top-notch, not that you will need it often. We love all the different options that are available and the online portal is very intuitive. Kris and Kerry have been great to work with.

Elizabeth Goldenberg

I'm extremely happy with the YOVU VOIP phone and fax platform, and the customer service has been excellent. It's the most reliable system and best service I've ever had.

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