Streamline your business workflow and get more done with YOVU + Microsoft Teams Integration.

YOVU + Microsoft Teams Integration

Communicate More Effectively

YOVU paired with Microsoft Teams brings everything together in one shared workspace. Make and receive calls, chat, meet, share files and work with relevant business apps.

Work from Anywhere

Make and receive calls on any web-connected device.

Microsoft Teams can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. Your team can make and receive work calls leveraging YOVU Office Phone and Teams wherever they are.

Built-in Security

Enterprise grade encryption and security are built-in. The YOVU Teams connector provides end-to-end encryption of both signalling and media while managing SSL certificates for each customer.

It provides fine-grained access control to the YOVU connector calling platform and client facing control to revoke access to the Microsoft 365 tenant at any time.

YOVU Teams Native Integration

YOVU + Microsoft Teams Integration

Team Work

The YOVU Teams Connector makes meeting more personal, increases productivity and allows real-time collaboration.

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Application Flexibility

  • Simplified IT in the Cloud delivers flexibility.

  • Reduce the number of applications needed for users to get the job done.

  • Increase working flexibility and efficiency.

  • Lower support costs and higher productivity.

Increased Collaboration & Connection

  • YOVU Teams Connector brings Microsoft Teams to life.

  • Voice enabled collaboration has increase by over 50% and is becoming an asset to company inclusion.

  • 80% of an employee's time is spent collaborating with 62% connecting to meetings using mobile phones.

  • Business goals are more quickly achieved when people enjoy working together.

Microsoft Teams Integration

How it Works

Any new or existing YOVU client with a Microsoft Teams account will need a Microsoft common area phone license.

The YOVU Teams Connector converts the Microsoft Teams built in SoftPhone into a registered endpoint on the YOVU Office Phone network.

Any number registered with YOVU can be setup to ring to a Teams client or multiple Teams clients. When dialing out using Teams, it connects to the YOVU network. Calls are maintained and secured with our Canadian infrastructure. Get the best of both worlds when you combine YOVU and Microsoft Teams.

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