Business VoIP for Healthcare

Stay connected with confidence in our solution for your Business VoIP for Healthcare. Keep your business reachable, scalable and seamlessly secure with our future-ready communications platform.

Get a Business VoIP for Healthcare of our Cloud Phone System. See how we can work with you to build a plan that meets your needs and your budget. Tell us a little about yourself to get a full personal business phone product demo from our business specialists. We can’t wait to show you our powerful, yet, user-friendly business phone system! Schedule your business phone demo today. Business VoIP Phone Systems make everything you need to get work done and connect with your customers faster, and easier.

Here, we provide a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers backed. Hence, we achieve that through friendly and knowledgeable customer support specialists. As a comprehensive Business VoIP phone system, and accessible whenever and wherever you need us. Our company would like to share some reasons why we are different from others. We also want to share why that should matter to you and your business.

First, we know what it takes to fulfill the needs of business communications and ensure our clients are taken care of. Secondly, Yovu also knows how frustrating it can be to wait for service when things aren’t running so smoothly. Waiting in queue, for callbacks and technician wait times can be infuriating. If you have ever waited endlessly on hold or have been bounced around from one ‘specialist’ to another, you know what we mean!

Business VoIP for Healthcare

Business VoIP for Healthcare

An Innovative Client Connection Solution

Experience secure, trustworthy service to reduce costs and maximize patient connections.

Proven dedicated Canadian support team.

Proven Success

Trustworthy and secure client support is more quickly achieved with the right tools on your side.

Voice enabled collaboration has increased by over 50% and is becoming an asset to company inclusion.

80% of an employee’s time is spent collaborating with 62% connecting to meetings using mobile phones.

Personal Experience

Support & Service

Confidently serve your patients with trusted and secure lines and live answering rules. Personalize your patient’s experience with automated routing and seamless integrations.

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Consistent Platform

Secure Connection

Secure and confidential communications platform with the best-in-class call encryption, fraud mitigation and network security.

Secure Integrations

Patient Insights

Provide reliable patient insights, connect with your team of specialists and make every touchpoint count.

YOVU Difference Dog

Connecting our Customers

We're all about providing a quality, reliable and secure communications tool for our customers backed by friendly and knowledgeable customer support specialists. We're a plug-and-play VoIP business phone system, accessible where you need us.


Seamless answering tools to live-answer and direct calls by department, extension and staff.

Mobility & SMS Text

Business Line to personal device. Send & receive text messages from business number with shared contacts

Reception Tools

Seamless answering tools to live-answer and direct calls by department, extension and staff.

Department based Reporting

Review analytics and progress reports for individual brokers, support teams and administration separately.

YOVU Difference Dog
YOVU Difference Dog

Targeted Marketing Solutions

Dedicated phone numbers for specific advertising campaigns to track dialed numbers statistics and monitor campaign success.

Hear from our President

Aaron Atkinson, YOVU Office Phone

Actual Calls


Mobile Access


End Users


Supported Calls

A Better Patient Care Solution

Experience reliable service with no more dropped calls. Backed by a dedicated support with rapid implementation, regular updates and a complete knowledge base.

Direct calls by department, extension and staff and manage your teams from any connected device.