Make employees more productive with Business VOIP

Make Employees More Productive with VoIP

Imagine one person, right at the centre of your business, managing all incoming and outgoing calls from yourself, your employees and your clients. That “person” is VoIP. It is a super tool that will make employees more productive.

VoIP replaces traditional phone systems with digital technology that dramatically increases efficiency, boosting productivity through:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Improved workflows
  • Smarter meetings

Collaboration tools will make employees more productive

According to GoRemotely, collaboration software tools increase employee productivity by up to 30%. It’s logical that 83% of employees say they rely on technology such as VoIP for collaboration.

VoIP promotes productivity by enabling employees to collaborate with colleagues and keep in touch with clients from any location.  Access to the company’s VoIP network can be done via any device, including bringing their work phone home.

VoIP offers instant messaging, texting, email, voicemail, and audio calls. VoIP also shows the call status of employees at the office, so staff can easily and quickly see who is available.

In addition, the status feature allows employees to switch off or move to do not disturb for for uninterrupted work time.

Flexibility and Mobility

One of cloud VoIP’s greatest benefits is flexibility in mobility: the technology allows people to keep productivity going no matter where they are.

For example, if a staff member needs to dash off unexpectedly, they are able to remain in contact with colleagues and clients.

Hot desking (found at organizations with flexible staff schedules), is made more efficient with a VoIP communication system. It allows office space and desks to be shared and employees are able to use their own profiles to make and receive calls.

Workflows and Processes

VoIP greatly enhances a company’s workflows and processes, which impacts productivity.

Examples include:

Automatic Call Routing

VoIP allows users to set call ring rules so that calls are routed correctly to the right department and person. Custom ring sequences can also be set so that calls are never missed.

Call Centre Efficiency

VoIP for Call Centres are built around making the entire team more efficient. The functionality includes all the features necessary not only to make sure callers are helped in the fastest way possible but also to ensure call quality is upheld and continually improved.

Integrations with Other Software

With VoIP, phone calls are not just phone calls. Now phone calls integrate with other applications to maximize productivity and streamline workflows and processes.

For example, VoIP integrates with Customer Relationship Management tools. Salespeople are able to call clients from within the CRM tool. Once the call – using VoIP – is complete, the timestamp and call duration is automatically added to the CRM call log, ready for reporting purposes and analysis for monitoring or to improve performance.

Make employees more productive during meetings

Call conferencing features in VoIP technology eliminate the need to physically attend meetings. This means that travel time to and from meetups is no longer necessary, and the time that would have been used for travel can be spent productively instead.

Next Steps

The switch from traditional phone lines to VoIP has grown phenomenally in the last few years because businesses have experienced the benefits; productivity being one of them.

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