Leaving your Current Phone Provider

What’s Involved in Leaving Your Current Phone Provider?   Ditching your old landline and switching to a modern VoIP system brings amazing benefits! Even if you’re already using VoIP, you may have learned that not all providers are created equally….

Effective Marketing with VoIP

Using Business VoIP for Effective Marketing

Ways to Use Business VoIP for Affordable and Effective Marketing. For small businesses, marketing is critical. As a small business owner, you want to make sure that the marketing methods you choose will reap the most rewards and that what…

Remote Team Monitoring

Checking in with Your Team During Work from Home

Remote Team Monitoring and Productivity When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, every business owner had to make adjustments. For many, being thrust into a remote work environment created incredible challenges. Suddenly, owners and managers who were used to being in close…

Work From Home Tools with Business VoIP

How VoIP Supports a Smooth Work From Home Experience

Work from Home Tools with VoIP for Business   As we continue to adjust to a COVID-19 world, it’s becoming clear that working from home isn’t going away any time soon. Business owners and IT professionals aren’t able to regularly…

Make Employees More Productive with VoIP

Make employees more productive with Business VOIP

Imagine one person, right at the centre of your business, managing all incoming and outgoing calls from yourself, your employees and your clients. That “person” is VoIP. It is a super tool that will make employees more productive. VoIP replaces…

Streamline Business Processes with Hosted VoIP

5 Ways Hosted VOIP Streamlines Business Processes

VoIP began as a simple substitute for traditional phone lines, while today hosted VoIP offers such a variety of features that it has the power to significantly streamline business processes, especially in departments that make extensive use of phone features. Hosted…

Remote Working with VoIP Graphic

Working Remotely: 5 Ways to Help your Team Adjust

Office life may never be the same again. The Coronavirus crisis has inadvertently kick-started a revolution in working remotely. In Canada specifically, 73% of people believe they will be able to continue with a home working arrangement when the pandemic...