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Things to Consider When Switching Business Phone Systems

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Things to Consider When Switching Business Phone Systems

Communication is key to every business.

An advanced and technologically innovative phone system is a must for business success.  Without a good phone system, communication falls by the wayside and so do business goals and team collaboration.  Thinking about switching out the old phone system for a new VoIP one?  VoIP phone service systems like YOVU provide flexibility and mobility that is not possible with traditional telephony. 

Once the decision has been made to enhance communication using a new phone system, businesses must consider what all this transition entails.  Here are a few things to think about before you transition to VoIP.

Internet Connection

When switching business phone systems to VoIP, your internet provider plays a part in ensuring you’re connected. Does the current internet provider offer a service that can handle the utilization of a new phone system and all that the new service has to offer? You may need to upgrade the service if it is not compatible. Don’t worry, at YOVU we ensure to run all the appropriate tests before going live!


Employee Onboarding

Dedicate time to onboard employees so that they can best use the phone system as it was intended. Getting the staff trained can often eliminate the hassle of employees being frustrated with a new and possibly overwhelming communication tool.


Business Benefits

Ensure the new system offers everything you need to provide benefit to the business.  If things are lagging behind in the office due to the old phone system, switching business phone systems will have long term gains. However, you don’t want to set things back by not providing a new and innovative system. Ensure you have all the features needed to make things run quicker and smoother within your business.  After all, this is why a new phone system is being considered.


Employee Advantages

Ensure all employees will be offered the same advantages to quick and easy communication within the business. Employees want to be heard and want to be in the know about business decisions relative to their positions.  It is crucial that every employee has their own extension. This keeps them easily accessible and and the best way to help them connect with others.


Business Scalability

Consider scaling when switching business phone systems be be sure it can grow with the business.  As businesses grow, adding new employees and new positions is an obvious occurrence. Why not get ahead on this by being prepared to add extensions for the new employees as they are hired.



As it has become a working standard to see employees working from home, switching to a business phone system capable of video chat and group chat is something to be considered.  Is the phone system mobile so that those working from home can easily switch locations without interrupting communication accessibility and availability?  Voice calling functions over internet connections allow anyone to use voice over IP from anywhere via their laptops, desktops, or smart devices.


With today’s fast lane in technology systems, security is a must for small businesses.  Take time to consider what the new VoIP offers in security.  Nothing can be more disheartening than hard work being stolen via the internet.  There are security measures that should be included to put your mind at ease when using a VoIP.


Switching out the old system for a new Business VoIP system is an exciting step for any business. It directly relates to business growth and provides future growth expectation.  YOVU offers options to enhance your businesses growth using innovative VoIP systems.