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Panasonic Has Left the VoIP Telecommunications Space, What Next?

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Panasonic leaves VoIP Technology

Leverage Salesforce. Panasonic leaves VoIP Technology. As such, our integration works natively inside Salesforce making your colleagues and teams far more efficient and better able to Leverage Salesforce, utilize your Salesforce data to make calls and notes more effectively.

What happened?

Panasonic has announced that they are leaving the VoIP Telecom Space.

Carlos Osuna, Head of Business Communication Business Unit at Panasonic, sent an email to partners announcing that Panasonic is shutting down their Business Communications arm. 


Why is Panasonic leaving the VoIP Telecom Space?


Despite the Japanese conglomerate’s decades of experience, Osuna cites several reasons for this decision, including the growing dominance of cloud-based platforms and the push towards video conferencing platforms that was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


What does this mean for your company?


If you have invested in Panasonic VoIP technology as a reseller or a customer, the looming question may have already crossed your mind, what next? Although Panasonic will continue to support customers as they phase out their technology, you need a new plan. Your transition does not have to be difficult; YOVU has you covered.  We will work with you and help alleviate some of the stress associated with this change. 


Why switch to YOVU?


We know your tech costs money! And as it is constantly evolving, communications systems are no different. As many businesses are maintaining a hybrid style working environment, communication are at the height of necessity in the workplace – virtual office or otherwise. We aren’t just keeping up with technological evolution, we’re getting ahead! If you want more from your communications systems, it’s time to look at our CRM Integrations!


What are CRM Integrations?

A Customer relationship management tool (CRM) is vital to your business. That is why we offer multiple CRM integration options through the SNAPmobile app, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. With these features, you can streamline your communications. Using the SNAPmobile app you can access voicemails to your business number anywhere. More of a video chat person? Our integrations include Microsoft Teams. Calling via Microsoft Teams using YOVU Teams Connector leverages our hosted PBX voice platform, so you can rest assured that your information is secure. 


With specialized plans created with your business in mind at no added costs, YOVU is ready to provide you with Best-In-Class VoIP Phone Systems.

We are dedicated to putting our customers’ needs first. 


Ready to make the switch? Contact us today to get a quote!


You can read the company’s full announcement here.