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The Power of VoIP for Your Small Business Phone System

Voip as a small Business Phone System - Microsoft Teams Integration

The Power of VoIP For Businesses.

Small Business Phone Systems

VoIP for business is a powerful way to stay connected and reachable. It can be dramatically cost-cutting for businesses who use the phone a lot, or who need the innovative features of a VoIP system.

In fact, VoIP can significantly cut costs as a small business phone system both directly and indirectly. When using VoIP to consolidate multiple telecommunications contracts, companies can reduce up to 13% of their total communications costs.

For businesses, there are two major factors that make this modern phone system highly beneficial for some companies:

  1. System mobility
  2. VoIP + CRM integration features

Ease of use and cost reduction are, of course, major driving forces in the decision to switch to VoIP. What makes this modern small business phone system so potent is its technology: it turns voice into digital data packets. What does that mean? It means these pieces of data can be stored, searched, copied, combined with other data, and sent to just about any device that connects to the Internet.


Industries That Benefit Most From VoIP

Any company that relies on phone call accessibility, either locally or internationally, will benefit from VoIP as a business phone system.

Some Industries include:

  • Customer service centres
  • Hospitality
  • E-commerce
  • Financial
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Personal Services

What VoIP Features Are Most Beneficial?


VoIP is not just about phone calls;  modern VoIP systems offer robust communication features such as instant messaging, SMS, teleconferencing, video conferencing, and voicemail transcription. It allows you to keep in touch or conduct meetings with remote employees.

Voicemail and faxes can be forwarded to an email address, giving employees flexibility; you and your staff are able to receive and save messages in one place: email.

VoIP makes the most effective marketing initiatives affordable. (Find out more about how VoIP can be used to increase sales.)


Mobility for Small Business Phone Systems are a Must!

With VoIP, working from anywhere in the world, on any device, is simple. Make and receive calls to the correct line, wherever you are. Calls can also be transferred to other users in the company without the need for a callback – you never miss a potential sales opportunity.

Without being situated in the office, staff can also see if other staff are available to take calls or not.

Automated Assistance

Businesses can set the system to automatically answer customer questions after hours, during public holidays or anytime the office is closed when no one is available to take calls, boosting the overall customer experience.

Reduce Unnecessary Staff

VoIP eliminates the need for businesses to have someone on staff taking messages. Modern small business phone systems are able to answer and route calls ensuring the right person receives the call.

In addition, this feature allows call detail analysis; find out information such as the busiest call times of the day and how long calls last.


VoIP Cuts Costs

Virtual cloud phone systems can cost drastically less than traditional phone lines; making the cost of local and international calls significantly lower than traditional phone systems.

VoIP uses packet switching over the internet to manage international fees more economically. The main additional costs are those connected to voice termination as the call breaks out into the destination landline.

Teleconferencing and video conferencing within your voice provider allows for seamless remote employment and training, which may also mean a reduction in office space.

Hosted VoIP also means that small businesses don’t need to hire technical professionals to maintain the phone system because it’s done for you by the VoIP vendor.

Find out how else VoIP saves money. (link to 6 Ways VOIP Saves Money )

Next Steps

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