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Fight to End

Matt Reid - Fight to End - Hero

YOVU’s second Fight to End Homelessness with Youth Opportunities Unlimited

YOVU Office Phone is once again excited to announce we are supporting the Fight to End Homelessness with Youth Opportunities Unlimited. This second annual fundraiser to provide money in support of services across the city of London. This is not only a great way to help our city, but a fantastic opportunity for YOVU to enter our most handsome faces into the boxing ring.

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Meet YOVU’s undefeated champion in the Sales area!

Matt Reid is a YOVU Office Phone superstar. Not only does he knock out the competition: he has generously volunteered his time and his face to climb into the boxing ring to fight to end homelessness. Matt will fight in the event on November 9th as our feisty fighter, and with his inspiring donation of time and training has already raised over $1200 towards his personal goal of $1500 towards this cause.

Keep an eye out for the photos of Matt after the most epic fight in 2022! We are excited to see if Matt’s sacrifices in time and training will pay off.  He is already a winner in his contributions to the Fight to End homelessness in London.

Maggie B- The YO in YOVU.

You can support Matt and The Fight to End by donating here: 

Learn more about Fight to End:

Matt Reid - Fight to End - Training in Ring 1
Matt Reid - Fight to End - Training in Ring 2