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Budgeting for a New Business Phone System

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Quality phone services are more essential than ever for businesses these days.  This is even more important now when most employees are working remotely from home. Calling remains the most convenient method of communication for most people; especially when it comes to workplace communication.

Setting up a traditional business phone system requires quite a significant financial investment. This type of cost can pose a problem for small businesses. Luckily, VoIP systems prove to provide a more affordable solution than traditional landlines. Plus, VoIP systems are more functional and practical for small businesses. These systems allow for easy communication between employees and customers, whether in the office or across the country.

Here are some factors to consider when you’re budgeting for a new business phone system:

Number of Users

VoIP technology services are billed based on the number of users. However, a user is not calculated by the number of employees but rather by the number of lines needed. Users will generally only need one line as this line can be accessed from anywhere whether used at their desk phone, mobile phone, or webphone.

Business Phone System

When Budgeting for your business phone system, you’ll need to budget for the cost of the phones. Although VoIP systems aren’t tied to physical landlines and can be accessed via an app on mobile phones, desk phones, and conference phones will still be needed in the office. This is because internet phones work differently than normal phones and require special software to send calls via the internet. Choose a handset or package that gives the features that you need in a business phone system.

VoIP Features

Most business VoIP systems come with a range of useful features such as voicemail transcription, conferencing options, call routing/forwarding, caller ID control, a shared company directory, shared lines, click to call, and more. These additional features give you and your team numerous ways to customize your business phone system in a way that works for you. Some service providers will charge extra for these customized features, so choose a provider that includes the features you want in the rate.

VoIP Integrations

In addition to the robust features built into many VoIP Business Phone Systems, some providers further integrate their systems to CRM platforms.

With YOVU, Integrations are just the beginning. Team members can send and receive calls from the business line using any mobile device and keep personal number private. Integrate calling functionality with your Microsoft Teams platform.  Even experience calling direct from Salesforce using our custom built Salesforce Phone Integration Dialer.


Additional Factors

Overall the setup costs and the monthly or annual cost of a VoIP business phone system are much more affordable than other phone systems. The initial cost for the equipment and for switching would be the biggest investment. However, businesses that use VoIP systems save money in the long run; especially when it comes to the cost of long-distance calls. By using the internet, VoIP systems allow you to avoid exorbitant long-distance call costs. Although there are still some long-distance area that require additional charges (outside Canada 10 and US 48), they are very affordable. One thing to keep in mind though is that a high speed and stable internet connection is required for the system to function effectively.

Regardless of your business size or structure, VoIP business phone systems offer a variety of useful features that make them the smart choice. These systems are practical, user-friendly, multi-functional, and affordable. Take these factors into consideration as your budget for a new business phone system.

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