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How VoIP Supports a Smooth Work From Home Experience

voicemail greetings with Business VoIP

Work from Home Tools with VoIP for Business

As we continue to adjust to a COVID-19 world, it’s becoming clear that working from home isn’t going away any time soon. Business owners and IT professionals aren’t able to regularly test equipment and maintain systems for remote work environments. VoIP provides work from home tools that are effective and easily adaptive.

To manage a remote team, you’ll often make adjustments on the fly.  Start with work from home tools that work using VoIP for Business. With video meetings, conference calls, and call-forwarding now dominating the workday, communication systems are paramount. Switching from your current system to a VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) service could be one of the most important upgrades you make to your business! Here’s why.

1. Minimal Disruption

You might feel apprehensive about making a change to your current systems, especially if your remote team is already working (fairly) smoothly. However, the basics of a VoIP system work just like a regular phone. You’ll still make and answer calls the same way you always have. Making the switch can be quick to cause almost no business disruption while also offering you advanced features and benefits well beyond the capabilities of your current system.

2. Cost Savings

A VoIP system is a very cost-effective solution. Since it uses your existing internet connection, you won’t have to purchase any special equipment. Your VoIP provider manages and maintains all the necessary software, hardware, and the network, so you won’t have to pay an IT support team to deal with it. In addition, your remote employees can easily work from home using their own devices. They can also bring their desk phone home and simply plug it in to receive the same office calls on the phone they’re already used to.

3. Superior Call Handling

With a traditional phone system, each line is assigned its own number. Use VoIP as one of your work from home tools to easily access your business phone lines from any mobile device. You can also have incoming calls sent to multiple devices at once, or have them ring to devices in successive order until one is answered. This means important calls are handled, no matter where your team is located when they come in.

4. Conference Call Options

Daily conference calls are a new way of life in the business world, but some of the common platforms are cumbersome to use and can present security issues. A VoIP service lets you easily keep conference calling in-house and not require a 3rd party service. VoIP can accommodate both video and audio calls, and YOVU Office phone can also provide the voice for Microsoft Teams. Your employees can also easily convert a regular call into a three-way call or set up phone meetings with groups of participants.

5. Advanced Voicemail

Traditional voicemail doesn’t do much more than allow you to leave and retrieve audio messages. With VoIP services, your team can receive voicemail messages right to their inbox. Having them transcribed in addition to receiving the audio file makes it easier to retrieve messages in any environment. Since users can retrieve their messages from any internet-connected device (not just their VoIP phones) they can quickly receive and respond to voicemails no matter where they are.

Making the switch to a VoIP service can make your team more productive, improve customer service, and increase employee morale – all while saving you money. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started!