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Switch and Upgrade Your Outdated Phone System

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Optimizing Your Commercial Phone System for Premium Support

When it comes to your commercial phone system, ensuring premium support is crucial for seamless operations. With our services, you can count on dedicated support from our team, providing rapid implementation, regular updates, and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. Our commitment to premium support guarantees that you receive the assistance you need promptly and efficiently, allowing your business to thrive.

Simplifying Communication with a User-Friendly Portal

Managing your entire communications platform shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why our commercial phone system offers a simple user portal, accessible from any connected device. With this user-friendly interface, you gain control over your communication tools, making it easy to oversee your system’s performance, manage user settings, and optimize your teams’ productivity. Say goodbye to complicated administration and enjoy a streamlined communication experience.

Securing Your Business with Concrete Reliability

Security is a top priority for any commercial phone system, and our solution ensures concrete measures to protect your business. Hosted in geo-redundant Canadian data centers, our system guarantees reliability and data integrity. With an impressive 99.99% upkeep backed by service level agreements (SLAs), you can have peace of mind knowing that your communication infrastructure is in safe hands. Focus on your business while we handle the security of your phone system.

Your Outdated Phone System

Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade

Is your outdated phone system holding your business back? It might be, and you may not even realize it!

Despite huge advances in communication technology over the past several years, many business owners are still using the same phone systems they’ve had for decades. This can lead to higher than necessary costs, poor customer service, and employee frustration.

Here are a few warning signs that your phone system is doing your business a disservice. When you start to notice these issues, it’s time to make a change before things get worse!

1. Your Current Outdated Phone System Can’t Handle Your Call Volume

As your business grows, you should expect the number of both incoming and outgoing calls to increase. Depending on your industry, you might also have peak seasons or certain times of the day when the call volume is greater. If your current system isn’t flexible enough to deal with this, your customer service will suffer.  Your customers come first, and that means it’s time to replace your outdated phone system.

2. The System Can’t Evolve with Your Business

Most business owners want to grow and expand. Your phone system should be able to grow with you. If you’re hiring new employees or expanding to additional locations, adding landlines can become very expensive.

Modern phone systems are specifically designed to evolve with your business. Adding and removing users is both simple and inexpensive. It’s also extremely easy to manage remote extensions. This allows you to ensure optimal communication no matter where your employees are. With so many employees now working remotely, this flexibility is absolutely critical.

3. You’re Having Quality Issues with an outdated Phone System

Customer support is more important in the business world today than ever before. Long hold times, dropped calls, and poor call quality are all common complaints among customers. These issues can damage your reputation and cause you to lose revenue. Implementing a new phone system will ensure that your customers are able to speak to the person they need right away, without any hassle.

4. The System is More Than 5 Years Old

The older your phone system gets, the more likely you are to have problems with it. The need for constant repairs on an outdated phone system can bog down your IT department. This adds cost in both your time and money.  Meanwhile, VoIP Systems eliminate the need for on-site support, contributing to cost savings.

If you don’t have an in-house IT department, finding people who know how to fix your system can feel like jumping through hoops. You might not be able to get the parts you need, and customer service may be lacking. If you’ve found that you’re spending more time than you would like dealing with phone system issues, it’s time for an upgrade.

5. You Want More Advanced Features

Does your current system have advanced features like call recording, call queueing, and call forwarding? How about custom hold music, teleconferencing, video conference calling, and an interactive voice response (IVR) system? If not, you’ll want to learn more about upgrading to a VoIP phone system with rich features instead.

Learn More About How VoIP Can Change Your Business!

If you’ve found yourself cringing while reading this list of warning signs, don’t worry! Switching to a new phone system is easier and less expensive than you might think, and you’ll start enjoying incredible benefits right away.

At YOVU Office Phone, we make it our business to stay on top of data updates and remain at the forefront of our industry. We’re always rolling out new features to help future-proof your business. Contact us today to learn more about how VoIP can take your company to a whole new level.